04 June 2010 ~ Comments Off

Sprint EVO 4G – $119 via Wirefly after $50 BCB

Sprint’s first 4G enabled Android device goes on sale today for a price of $199 after $100 mail in rebate. Of course that’s only if you are crazy enough to walk into a Sprint store and agree to file the rebate. There are plenty of other places to buy an EVO 4G that won’t make […]

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16 December 2009 ~ Comments Off

Verizon Network Extender 20% Off

The Verizon Network Extender works as a signal repeater. Purchase this device and plug it into your broadband Internet connection. It instantly boosts the native Verizon signal in your house. With the Network Extender, you can begin a call on the Network Extender network and enjoy uninterrupted transition to the nearest cell tower when leaving […]

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15 December 2009 ~ Comments Off

Target Store Discount – 10% Thru 12/21

Don’t tell me your holiday shopping isn’t done already! If you’ve “just been busy” then here’s a little something to motivate you to get moving. Through December 21, 2009 take 10% purchases made at Target.com. Enter in coupon code TCS15DEC at checkout. You will see the discount on the payment screen where you choose your […]

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25 November 2009 ~ Comments Off

Sprint Site Eliminate Rebates and Lower Prices On Some Popular Phones To Zero

Palm Pre and Palm Pixi for $0 with no rebate. How about an HTC Hero for $29 – without rebate. Then take another 20% off your monthly plan cost. Sound too good to be true? This discount’s currently making the rounds of the various deal sites (I spotted it here on Slickdeals). It appears to […]

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