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Does the Galaxy Nexus (GSM) on AT&T Have Signal Issues?

Does the Samsung Galaxy Nexus GSM version have the same fluctuating signal issues (dropped , disconnects) as have been widely discussed with the Verizon version of the GNEX?

In a word – no. At least not in my three weeks of testing.
I’m using a GNEX on ATT in Connecticut and haven’t noticed any material difference in signal strength or speed when compared to my iPhone (also on ATT).

I only have one complaint and that is the phone locks up from time to time requiring a battery pull. It has just started to do this and it occurred afterI hung up from a phone call.

Other than the above issue I find the battery life to be excellent.

I am very close to an ATT tower at my house — so if I had sketchy signal to ATT from home I am not sure whether I’d be as enthusiastic but I think so.

I too skipped the Verizon version based on the large numbers of negative comments about poor signal quality. So far the signal has not been in issue for AT&T though I had similar concerns.

I have also seen the price drop about $100 if you buy direct from Amazon. I think it’s now $569 +/-.


Galaxy Nexus – GSM


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