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Leave T-Mobile ETF Free: New Data Roaming Takes Effect 4-5-2012

Beginning on April 5, 2012 the amount of data that T-Mobile subscribers may consume while roaming off the T-Mobile network has been sharply reduced. This in turn may qualify as a material change to the terms of your contract and as a result allow you to call T-Mobile and cancel without any Early Termination Fee (ETF).

Usually when these “loopholes” arise the carriers grant the early callers a relatively easy “Free pass” out of their contract (as they should). Later callers are likely to be greeted with questions about how much roaming they’ve used in the past – and if the amount is minimal it may take a lot of persuading to have the ETF waived.

Here’s the new limits that apply to all subscribers starting 4/5/12:

For more feedback on how others have fared in persuading T-Mobile to cancel their contract without fees – check on this topic at deal site Fatwallet.


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