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Straight Talk Prepaid Minutes Used Reminder Get’s Old Fast – Here’s How To Remove It


straight talk prepaid cellular

Straight Talk is Walmart’s branded version of Net10/Trac Phone prepaid phones.  The service is prominently displayed in almost all Walmart stores and offers an attractive flat $30 for 1,000 monthly minutes and 1,000 SMS text messages. There’s one flaw though.  As noted by the Howardforums member, outgoing calls are preceded by an announcement of remaining minutes. The first three times you hear the announcement it’s generally helpful. Those who don’t want to hear the announcement for every call can contact Net 10 and have them remove it as described in this Howardforums post:

Each call is preceded with a very annoying audio message regarding how many minutes I have left. It is incredibly annoying and a time/money waster. The message itself is 10 seconds long and leaves you with having to wait 30 seconds just to find out a number is busy.

The way to resolve this is to call Net 10 at 1-800-876-5753. If the first customer service representative doesn’t know what to do, politely thank them and call back. Once you reach an enlightened representative they will remove the annoying minute reminder from your calls.



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