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Radio Shack Pro 107 Includes SD Card With Every USA Conventional Police and Fire Frequency

radio shack pro 107

This Radio Shack Pro -107 ($229.99)  is aimed squarely at the first time police scanner owner who does not want to fuss with programming in a confusing list of frequencies to their scanner. Using an included SD memory card the unity downloads a complete USA database of frequencies via the popular Radio Reference site. Unfortunately there’s no digital signal capabilities so if your local police or fire have adopted digital (and many have) you won’t be able to listen. Also, if you’re primarily listening from home skip the scanner altogether and review Radio Reference’s extensive list of police and fire broadcasts that can be monitored over the Internet.

* Stores millions of frequencies that can be categorized into 20 playlists
* No programming required to listen to police, fire, aircraft, marine, FRS/GMRS, CB and HAM
* Hear Skywarn severe weather reports from the actual trained observers near your home
* Features S.A.M.E. and does not alarm unless the weather alert is really for your specified area
* Searches for nearby 2-way radio transmissions within approximately 1,000 feet of the radio
* Trunks the vast majority of local analog police/fire/emergency trunked systems
* Includes PC interface for cloning, uploading and downloading
* Band coverage: 25-50MHz VHF-Lo, 50-54MHz 6-meter Ham
* Coverage cont.: 108-136.99166MHz Aircraft, 137-144MHz VHF Government
* Coverage cont.: 144-148MHz 2-meter Ham, 148-174MHz VHF-Hi
* Coverage cont.: 216.0025-221.9975, 222-225MHz VHF, 225.025-405.975MHz Military Aircraft
* Coverage cont.: 406-512MHz, 806-960MHz (excluding wireless phone bands) UHF
* Coverage cont.:1240-1300MHz Ham

Radio Shack Pro-107 $229.99 via Radio Reference Newsletter


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