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nook eBook Reader Pronounced A Steaming Turd

nook ereader barnes noble

Early reviews are trickling out for the new nook eBook reader from Barnes and Noble. Based on one review the first problem appears to be the packaging which is described by one reviewer as maddeningly difficult to open and requires instructions to do so.  But that’s not were the frustration ends.

Nook eBook Reader Twitter Feedback geardiary

The second is that you have 14 days to evaluate it (perhaps not as much an issue once they’re widely available in Barnes & Noble) and if you’ve opened it and decide to return it expect to pay a 10% re-stocking fee (Amazon Kindles can be returned within 30 days and there’s no restocking charge).

Then the usage problems start of which according to this detailed review by Judie at Geardiary. She’s a LONG time eBook fan and owns two kinds and has been using eBook readers since dinosaurs roamed earth.

Several times today, I found myself cussing out loud in frustration, and then the reality hit me — I paid Barnes & Noble to put me through this! I paid to be their beta (alpha?) tester! I paid for them to make me jump through hoops to read a format from a site that they own!

Who’s the fool? Not B&N … they got my money, and I’d be an even bigger fool to let them keep it. And yes, in the middle of this frustration I called the nook a “steaming turd” on Twitter, and you know what? I would again. I want technology that will enhance my life, not frustrate me and provoke streams of four letter words

Read the full review at Geardiary – and most interesting (to me) she tried to take the SIM card (AT&T) out of the nook to see what it would do in a HTC Touch HD – check the post to find the results.

Barnes and Noble nook eBook Review


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