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Verizon Droid Manual (PDF)

Here’s a copy of the Verizon Droid manual in PDF format. You can either view the manual here or click to download a copy to your computer.

Strangely the manual seems to acknowledge that the Droid cannot be turned off while connected to a power supply. At first I thought this was a bug but page # 3 of the manual clearly says “your device is always on when being charged”.

Naturally you’ll want to be sure to add Google Voice to the Droid which in turn can give you unlimited free incoming and outgoing calls (assuming you have the friends and family option). See Lifehacker’s article on how to setup Google Voice for “free” unlimited calling.

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  • Fireball2305

    just got the droid and i took the memory card n battery out it erased all my texts that were saved! any way to get them back?

  • Trudy Wegman

    does anyone know how to clear the ‘favorites’ on the phone setting without losing all their information on the ‘contacts’ list?

    • Rafaelbponce

      Help with the above

  • Shrtanj

    how to connect blue tooth to my lexus car direction please

  • Tcb400e

    How do you take out the sd card?

  • Carl

    How do you get notes to appear from Outlook to Droid device?

  • Bob

    How do I find my Back Up Assistance? I can’t even find the icon that I’m being told to look for. Please help me………..

  • Terri5950

    How do I retrieve my Verizon Droid voicemail messages from a landline phone?

  • Deborah Ltc

    What app is needed to be able to scan things with that square barcode on things now?

  • Tamra LaMarche Tremblay

    i need to know how to set the alarm…it does have an alarm, right?