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29 November 2009 ~ 1 Comment

HTC Hero $69 at Best Buy

It looks as if Best Buy has lowered the price on the Sprint HTC Hero from their previous no-rebate price of $99 to $69. This deal (for now) is available only to new Sprint customers enrolling in a 2 year agreement. UPDATE: Best Buy’s site now indicates that this deal is also valid for those […]

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28 November 2009 ~ Comments Off

Amazon Wireless Phone Pricing Not Always The Same As Amazon

I just noticed something weird on the Amazon site. When I went to price the BlackBerry Storm 9550 (Storm 2) on the regular Amazon site it showed a price of $149. Yet Amazon’s same sister site – Amazon Wireless – has the phone listed for .99. Both are after contract prices.  Thinking at first that […]

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28 November 2009 ~ 1 Comment

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree – $20

Every year I argue with my kids that we need a small tree. And every year I get voted down. This tree is the perfect size and screams “no needle drop”. Forget about wrestling that behemoth into your living room and spending all those hours decorating (and trying to make the tree stand straight without […]

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28 November 2009 ~ 172 Comments

How to Tether Your Android Smartphone Without Root Access

When I was buying my Verizon Droid the guy next to me asked the salesperson if tethering was allowed on the device. He was promptly informed that Verizon doesn’t have a plan for that yet but when it happens it will be an extra cost fee.  I wanted to tell him that while the salesperson […]

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27 November 2009 ~ Comments Off

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2009 Replay via Times Square WebCam

Did you miss out on watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? We were there (50 people deep on W 68th Street) and had a great time watching the floats and performers. I’ve just noticed that Earthlink’s Times Square WebCam has a nice quality replay of the Macy’s Parade available. Click the link below and then […]

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