25 November 2009 ~ 1 Comment

BlackBerry 9100 (Striker) Appears On eBay for $3,000

Did you catch the video of the BlackBerry 9100 (Stratus/Striker) before it was yanked? This Pearl upgrade is not yet released but features a new trackpad and presumably and updated OS. The star of the video appears to have been placed up for bid with a “buy it now” price tag of $3,000.

The auction expires today at 3:15 PM EST and bidding is presently $710 with a buy it now price of $3,000?

I guess that’s why they call these Crack-berry’s — because you’d have to be smoking crack to pay that type of money…for a device that’s also listed as “no returns”. Good luck to the “high” bidder.

BlackBerry Pearl 9100 on eBay


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